Natalie is a passionate and experienced patisserie artist, she has been spreading the love and joy of baking through her own a fine art patisserie and teaching brand, JaJa Cake & Dessert. Over the years, Natalie's customers and students express their frustrations of trying different recipes at home, failed, but most importantly, not knowing what went wrong. Eventually, they just give up baking at home. 

Natalie and Tracy, an experienced startup founder, co-found BakeBud together. BakeBud is the first DIY baking studio in Australia. We are not a baking class so we do not have a "teacher" on site. BakeBud is a place for people to gather, and bond and have fun whilst pacing their own learning and baking via iPad instructions (includes video and detailed instructions for all ages without baking experience). We also have staff on site to provide assistance should customers have any question about the material provided.

From measuring ingredients to cleaning up, we provide assistance to customers throughout their baking journey at BakeBud. We believe baking is a language and enjoyment. At BakeBud, we are doing our best to create an environment that customers can relax, forget their troubles and immerse themselves into the love and joy of baking with friends, and of course, have loads of laugh.


CONTACT US  |  Phone/Wechat: 0415 007 216

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