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Q1 What is diy baking?

We are the first DIY baking studio in Brisbane and we don't have an instructor to conduct a class. Yes, you heard me right, we DON'T HAVE A TEACHER! But really we are a place for people to gather, and bond and have fun whilst pacing their own learning and baking via iPad instructions (includes video and detailed instructions for all ages without baking experience). Start with choosing your own recipe, measuring ingredients, making the cake, decorating it and packaging it, you can do it yourself step by step. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself into this fun and satisfying baking environment with loads of laughs.

Q2 I have youtube, oven and mixer at home, why i should come to BakeBud?

The choice between learning baking at home and at BakeBud really depends on your baking experience. New beginners at BakeBud can learn about different kinds of baking tools and equipment (and how to use them!) before investing your own. We can who want to start their baking journey and set strong foundations for their baking forever