Dark Brown Sugar BOBA Milk

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Dark Brown Sugar Boba Milk
What's better than one Boba Milk? TWO!

#Boba milk, milk tea, cheese foam drinks are sooooo on the trend now! To avoid the long queue, waiting time, hot sun, plus saving a whopping $6-7 for a drink (it adds up if you buy one every second I do...), we share our love of boba to you!

Components: Dark Brown Sugar Syrup + Handmade BOBA + Fresh Full Cream Milk

It's really worthwhile! We promise❤️

Watch our step by step #tutorial here 📹


Boba - Dark brown sugar 80g, Water 90g, Tapioca starch 150g

Syrup - Dark brown sugar 100g, Water 350 g

Milk - We use Paul's full cream 🥛


  1. Cook the tapioca starch (make sure water content is super hot!)

  2. Roll the pearls (better to get some helping hands here)

  3. Cook pearls in water, rinse with cold water

  4. Make another batch of syrup

  5. Cook the pearls in syrup

  6. Put pearls with a little bit of syrup into the glass

  7. Pour in as much milk as you like!

  8. Stir & Cheers 🥂

Please let us know how you go! Since you can make A LOT of Boba in one go and you can freeze them, it makes this #recipe so worthwhile! So go ahead and #boba away!

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