Earl Grey Molten (or Lava) Boba Cake

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Continuing from our previous #Boba recipe, it makes so much sense to make something different using the frozen #pearls we made last time (check out. the Boba recipe here)

Formula = Earl Grey Chiffon Cake + Earl Grey Custard + Handmade BOBA

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Earl Grey Cake -

Milk 50g,Earl Grey 1 tea bag, Eggs 3, Oil 15g, Sugar 45g, Flour 67g, Baking powder 3g

Custard Cream -

Milk 150g, Earl Grey 2 teabags, Egg yolks 2, Sugar 24g, Corn Flour 10g, Cream 100g, Icing Sugar 10g, Milk 15g

Boba -



Earl Grey Chiffon Cake

  1. Heat up milk until it starts to evaporate and then add 1 Earl Grey tea bag in, cover it and set it aside.

  2. Preheat oven to 160CSeparate the eggs.

  3. Add oil into the yolks, shake the bowl genteelly to cover the yolks with oil, mix well.

  4. Add in the Earl Grey milk tea gradually, set aside.

  5. Beat egg whites until foamy high speed.

  6. Add sugar gradually (3 times) Beat egg whites until stiff peak forms, set aside.

  7. Add and whisk 80% the flour and baking powder into the yolk batter (remember to sift them!).

  8. Add and whisk the remaining 20% the flour and baking powder into the yolk batter.

  9. Mix until there is no lump.

  10. Gentle fold the egg white meringue into the yolk batter (gently fold in, otherwise you won't get the airy fluffy texture).

  11. Pour/Pipe the mixture into a 6" round hollow cake mould (I used a paper one here, because I don't have a metal one...).

  12. Tap to release large air bubblesBake at 160C for 20mins.

  13. Once it's cooked, tap to knock hot air inside the cake and let it cool down completely (Used a Bailey's bottle to help here lol)

Earl Grey Custard

  1. Heat up milk until it starts to evaporate and then add 2 Earl Grey tea bags in, heat until boil, cover it and set it aside.

  2. Mix sugar into the egg yolks in two times.

  3. Mix corn flour into the egg yolks mixture in two times.

  4. Heat up the Earl Grey milk tea again, turn the heat off until it starts to evaporate.

  5. Add and mix the egg yolk mixture in, and then turn the heat back on while mixing it and turn it off again once it starts to thicken (yes you have to turn it on and off again, otherwise you might end up cooking the egg yolks in boiling milking tea...).

  6. Put the mixture into a bowl, and then cover it with a plastic wrap (the wrap MUST be touching the whole custard surface!).

  7. Set aside to chill.


  1. Take the cake out of the mold.

  2. Slice of the top of the cake to make it nice and flat.

  3. Whip up some cream and icing sugar, set aside.

  4. Add milk into the custard mixture in two times, mix it wel.

  5. Add in the whipped cream.

  6. Beat at low speed until fully combined.

  7. Fill the cake hole with the super yummy Earl Grey custard.

  8. Spread the custard on top of the cake to create that dripping effect.

  9. Put HEAPS of boba on top! If you want to make your own boba, then watch

Wow!! This is a really long recipe to type up compare to my previous ones... I hope you all will enjoy making this cake ❤️ Let me know how you go and ask me any questions you have❤️

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