🍓Shibuya Berry Brick Toast🍞

Updated: Jan 15, 2020


This week I tried to replicate something I had at a cafe in Shibuya! This brick toast dessert is really popular in Taiwan as well😉 The bread dices I had in Shibuya was very well toasted so they were really crispy.

Here I decided to soak the diced bread in egg yolks and fried them (just like how you make French toast😂). With lots of berries, a little bit of condense milk, chocolate sauce and ice cream, you can't go wrong, it will be epic tasty🥰


Toast - Bread of your choice, some melted butter , 1 egg yolk, 1 egg

Fillings ...

White cream - Fresh cream 150g, milk 10g, sugar 10g

Chocolate dripping - Dark chocolate chips 30g, fresh cream 60g

Condensed milk


All sort of berries (or any fruits you like), breadsticks (or chocolate Pretz would be great!) and your favourite ice-cream


  1. Cut the sandwich block in half

  2. Cut out the inner bread in a sawing motion, do it slowly without apply pressure to the inner bread, otherwise, your bricks will be flat...

  3. Insert your knife deep into the bread, make sure you leave about 1.5-2cm from the edges, don't cut through the bottom!! (I did better in the video than describing it in words...)

  4. Turn the bread on its side, insert knife 1.5-2cm from the bottom, slice in gently sawing motion, don't cut through the bread!

  5. Gently take out the inner bread, you now have the container and the brick!Put some melted butter on the inner walls of the container, bake it at 200C for 3 mins.Dice up the inner bread

  6. Coat the bread dices with some melted butter

  7. Melt some butter in the pan

  8. Dip the bread dices into the egg yolk mixture and fry until they turn into a golden colourIn a bowl, add in fresh cream, milk and sugar, beat at medium speed until it is well mixed but gooey, don't over beat it!

  9. Assembling time! I put in a layer of bread dices, white cream, chocolate sauce, condensed milk, berries and then repeat until it reaches the top😉

  10. Finally, complete this piece of art with a generous scoop of ice cream, some breadsticks and some chocolate dripping just to make it more dreamy...

This is the perfect afternoon tea because it is so easy! Everything just comes out when you cut the container open, the visual effect is awesome and it tastes great as well! Happy baking ❤️👩🏼‍🍳🍓🍞☕️

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